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Unlock The Mystery of
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Unlock The Mystery of Autism Spectrum Disorder is a presentation essential for all parents. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is finally beginning to get media coverage. Points of view from parents, pediatricians and founders of Autism organizations have been heard and most recently, celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson-Peete have been sharing their personal lives about living with their son’s that have been diagnosed with Autism.

Research is discovering symptoms may begin as early as 6 months. It is imperative for parents and others to develop awareness about these early signs and symptoms. All parents need this education so they can observe their children's development and be prepared about whom to contact if they observe characteristics of Autism in their children.

Essential Information Every Parent Needs:

  • Recognize characteristics as early as six months old
  • Understand the crucial "Window of Time"
  • Receive information about language & sensory difficulties
  • Learn roles of therapists, doctors and other professionals
  • Discover the resources and referrals available

Be educated and prepared

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Unlock The Mystery of
Autism Spectrum Disorder

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  • "Michelle has a true gift of opening the doors of communication with children. At 2 1/2 my son was not able to say 2 and 3 word sentences. After only the first session he was able to say, "Open box". Now after just 6 months of speech therapy, he has an extensive vocabulary and is now able to express himself. Utilizing caring discipline, patience and creative ways to inspire children to talk, our lives have been forever changed".

        - Sarah

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