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I come into your home and help you organize your toys and books and other child items so that they are arranged in the best way to help your child improve their language skills. It is necessary to reorganize in ways that require interactions and communication from your child. This also helps to insure that you will use the strategies and tools you learned during therapy sessions, workshops and presentations so there is consistency among different environments, which helps your child make progress faster.

Michelle's Mommy Mixers

For mommies with children birth through 5 years old, one evening per month allow yourself to relax with dinner and conversation and enjoy learning about the development of your child through an informal presentation, discussion and project. Each mom will complete a project for their child which they can take home to utilize with their child to help enhance communication. Topics include behavior and discipline, speech and language development, the best ways to read with your child, decreasing frustration by increasing communication, incorporating art and music into your child's life, developmental milestones and much more. Each week will be a different topic and ideas for future topics are welcome.

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School Setting Observations

After working with you and your child for a while, I can go to your child's school to observe your child, the classroom setting and the teachers. I provide recommendations to you and if desired directly to the teachers to help your child have consistency among my therapy, your home and the school.

Collaborating with Other Professionals

Often children receive therapy other than just speech and perhaps may even have some medical, psychological or social professionals working with their families. It is important that everyone working with your child be aware of the strategies that assist in your child's language development so that your child has the best potential for progress. I can help by collaborating with the other professionals to receive information from them that I can follow through with and to provide the necessary information to them about which techniques work best for you child's communication development.

Life Saving Parenting Tips

In addition to the therapy, strategies, techniques and tools that I teach to help your child's speech and language development, but I also provide very useful parenting tips about a variety of areas including behavior and discipline. I do not have formal training in these areas and I have not received a degree in behavior therapy, however, with all my experiences with children as a professional as well as the hands-on knowledge I have gained being a mother, these tips I can provide help make this parenting job a bit easier.

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  • "I didn't realize how important it was to have my children's toys organized in such a way that helps promote language. Michelle's way of storing toys makes using her strategies easier and now everyday while we play, I get to hear my child using words."

        - Lisa

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