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Pre-School Screenings

Parents who choose to have their child participate in the speech and language screening feel relieved to know that their child’s speech and language development is age appropriate. Others are pleased to have discovered that their child would benefit from a full speech and language evaluation to determine if therapy would be beneficial. Parents also enjoy the convenience of having the screenings performed right at the preschool for a minimal fee.

Schools appreciate the simple process, which does not require extra preparation time, as I provide 3 letters to the school: one for the parents to sign if they choose to participate, one for teachers to complete if there are particular children they feel would benefit from a screening as well as a letter to each parent after the screening with the results and recommendations. Phone consultations are available afterward for parents who would like to further discuss the results.

Please talk with your child's preschool directors to see if they are interested in offering speech and language screenings to their families. Have them contact me today.


Learning this information is imperative to better understand and participate in the process of improving a child’s speech and language skills. Utilizing this information and applying these techniques during time spent with children helps stimulate children for further development in areas such as physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological and behavioral. Questions are highly encouraged and strategies are practiced during the presentation.

Presentation information varies depending on who the presentation is for. I have presented to parents, grandparents, caregivers, day care providers, teachers, pediatricians and other professionals. The focus of the presentation can be modified depending on the needs of the particular group. Some have focused on speech and language development and what to expect at certain ages. Other presentations have included strategies to help stimulate and enhance language skills.


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  • "My daughter improved her verbal skills from virtually a non-speaker to being completely verbal and understandable by others. One of the most noticeable changes in my daughter was her confidence level. She transformed from a grunting and pointing frustrated little girl to a self confident, expressive child who could easily communicate with the people around her."

        - Michelle

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