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I am fortunate to know that my special gift is having the key that is needed to help children unlock the doors of communication. I individualize therapy programs for all age groups, from infants up through to the elderly population. I specialize in developing therapy programs for children from birth through 5 years old. While I "play", I am improving their language and attention as well as their cognitive and social skills. Parents are required to be in the room during the therapy session so they can actively participate and follow through with the techniques throughout their day with their child. MORE…


I offer presentations for parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors and other professionals to learn different strategies and techniques about how to help strengthen and nourish children's brain development. They are taught how to apply these techniques during time spent with the children to help stimulate them for further development in areas such as physical, mental, emotional, social, psychological and behavioral. MORE…


Unlock The Mystery of Autism Spectrum Disorder is a presentation essential for all parents. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is finally beginning to get media coverage. Points of view from parents, pediatricians and founders of Autism organizations have been heard and most recently, celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson-Peete have been sharing their personal lives about living with their son’s that have been diagnosed with Autism. MORE…


This fun, informational and interactive workshop is intended for those involved with raising children from birth to five years old. Parents learn different strategies and techniques that are not readily available in typical parenting and child development classes about how to help stimulate, strengthen and nourish their baby’s brain development during their natural daily activities. This improves the progress of their child’s speech and language skills. MORE…

Pre-School Screenings

Parents enjoy the convenience of having the speech and language screenings performed right at the preschool. Those who choose to have their child participate in the screening feel relieved to know that their child’s speech and language development is age appropriate, or that a full speech and language evaluation is recommended to determine if therapy would be beneficial. MORE…

Other Services

Toyganizer, Mommy Mixer, School Setting Assessments, Life Saving Parenting Tips, Collaborating with Other Professionals. MORE…


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  • "My son's attention span was very short and he couldn't sit still even to read one short book. Michelle taught my wife and I special strategies to help increase his attention to his toys and to us. Now, I can sit with my son and read 4 or 5 short books at a time".

        - Rich

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