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Why isn't my child talking?

  • Is my child frustrated because I don't know what he/she wants?
  • Is my child having frequent tantrums because I can't understand his/her words?
  • Is my child playing alone because he/she can't talk as well as other children their age?
  • Is it right to find guidance about these concerns when everyone else says not to worry and to just wait until my child is a little older?

The solution is as easy as A, B, C:

  • After answering "yes" to one or more questions, call to schedule an evaluation for your child.
  • Begin the enrollment process to participate in tot2talk's parent education workshop which coincides with information learned during therapy sessions.
  • Continue to use the strategies you have learned in therapy and the workshop with your child all the time.

Specialized work with children
with autism or autism-like qualities.

Everyone has a special gift.

You may know what yours is or perhaps you have not yet discovered it. I am fortunate to know that my special gift is having the key that is needed to help children unlock the doors of communication. I have this wonderful ability to relate to children in such a way that they feel comfortable, have fun, enjoy coming to “Michelle’s house” and make amazing strides in their skills. I individualize therapy programs for all age groups, from infants up through to the elderly population. I specialize therapy programs for children from birth through 5 years old. While I "play", I am improving their language and attention as well as their cognitive and social skills. Parents are required to be in the room during the therapy session so they can actively participate and follow through with the techniques all day long. I have found this parent education and participation is essential for the most successful progress. These necessary tools are easily learned and can be applied throughout the parent and child’s day during daily routines such as dressing, feeding, bathing, riding in the car, grocery shopping, etc.

Parents and their children learn through various fun methods such as demonstration, instruction, watching, listening, practicing, field trips and asking questions. This hands-on education provides consistency among the child’s various environments thus helping achieve their language goal more quickly. The children’s progress depends upon the active involvement of their parents, as the amount of time the parents spend with their children is significantly more than the therapists.


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  • "Before going to Michelle I would have to work so hard to get my child to say things. Since we have been using the strategies at home that we learned from Michelle, he is much more verbal and now I can't get him to stop talking."

        - Autumn

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